5 Tips for New Podcasters

5 Tips for New Podcasters

Podcasting is the new trend right now, and we all know it. It’s currently on the rise and this is the right time for anyone who is looking forward to starting one.

However, anyone who is starting out, seems to be a bit confused during the start, has a lot of questions on their mind, and some keep pushing their start time and again.

Doing a podcast for a while and moreover, just listening to so many of them made me think why not note down a few of my observations that will help out the future podcasters.

So here are some of them,

1. Know your stuff
Podcasting has a wide range of topics under it, you can literally start a podcast on any topic. But, the important thing to remember is that, whatever topic you choose, is something you should know, something you should be interested in, only then can you talk about it over a period of time.

2. Do what you’re comfortable with
Forget the trends, forget what everyone else is doing, you do what you feel you’re comfortable with. Whether you should do a solo based podcast, or have multiple hosts, or do an interview-based one, or whether you should do a short form podcast, or do a long form one, whatever you choose is something you should be comfortable able. Not because everyone else is doing it a certain way, or whatever the trends are at that time.

3. Every episode cannot be perfect
You can invest a lot of time in one single episode, do a lot of retakes, do your research and editing, but you should also know that not every episode can be perfect.

You will always want to do some kind of tweak here and there. And not to forget, you will improve at it over time.

4. Be patient
This is somewhat related to the previous pointer as well, but whether it is related to improving your podcast, or reaching out to a lot of people, you need to be really patient with your podcasting journey. How patient can you be, will make your outcome in the future that much better.

5. Don’t worry about the fancy stuff
A final important tip that every podcaster initially struggles with is the equipment. People think they need to have a certain style of headphones and a certain type of microphone, but none of that is needed in the beginning. You can just start recording on your phone, work on your content, and over time as your podcast improves, you can start thinking of the equipment.

In the end, all I want to say is, podcasting is a journey, which involves a lot of fun and excitement along with the hard work and efforts needed for every episode. Do it if you enjoy it.


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