Ask yourself what is wrong

Ask yourself what is wrong

A lot of times, when something is going wrong in our lives, we start wondering what is even going wrong.

And to add to that, our perspective doesn’t seem to align to someone else’s point of view to understand what is wrong.

What can you do then, in such a scenario?

Can you continue to be wrong?

Or do you want to correct yourself?

How we live clouds our judgement of thinking making us think that all we do is right and nothing can be wrong.

You’re not able to entertain another person’s point of view to change this perspective.

At such times, you need to ask yourself what is wrong, what can be wrong, what can I do differently?

You need to look at yourself in a third person’s shoes, look at your situation from a third perspective – understand how it looks from that scenario, what someone else would’ve done vs what you’ve done.

Often, looking at situations from a third perspective helps to right our wrongs. And only because we aren’t able to change our thinking, our approach or even knowing that we could be wrong too.

Asking yourself what can be wrong changes those things.


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