Why I do a daily blog and a daily podcast?

Why I do a daily blog and a daily podcast?

If you’ve been following my content, you’d know that I do a daily blog, which has currently over 600 blog posts and now my podcast (check it out here) has also crossed a 100+ episodes.

Now the question that comes up is, why do I it daily and not as how the norm goes, to do it on a weekly basis.

One of the biggest reasons, for me, is to breakdown content into shorter pieces, so it can be consumed and understood on a much easier level than consuming too much at once and then finding it all difficult.

This is also related to the 1% learning curve of life.

Another reason is the depth of the topic that I get to explore. To do this everyday, to write and to speak everyday, means I cannot just touch the surface of the topic, but I need to get into the depth of it.

And the deeper I go, I selfishly get a lot of clarity and awareness as well, and not just me, but at the same time, I get to provide all this value to you as well.

Also, another point that I’d like to touch upon is, this kind of depth allows more ideas to come up, more opportunities, and in a way, you start observing and noticing things around you differently, what can I learn from this, what questions can I ask here, why is this particular thing taught to us in a certain way, and such things are just examples I observed when I do my blog and podcast on a daily basis.

That I feel is the beauty of doing this too. I won’t say that it is easy, or it doesn’t take efforts to do it, and sometimes it becomes rather difficult as well, but when you love learning, you love those topics, you love to provide value, then what else can stop you.


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