Your Audience vs You

Your Audience vs You

No matter who is posting the content on social media, whether for a personal brand or for a company, there is always an individual behind the screen.

During this process of posting content, especially for an established brand, there is a lot of work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

Right from the strategy, to the planning, to who the target audience is and their likes and interests, to planning the days on which the content should be made.

In all of this, no matter how much plan, you can never know how the audience is going to accept your brand or just the content of your brand.

That is not in your hands to decide. It could be a success or a total failure.

What you can control is, whether you have put in your all. That is the only thing you can decide.

Whether your best version of yourself is driving this process forward, right from ideation to execution, you shouldn’t have a thought in your mind that you could’ve done better.

From your side, it should be up to par. Then let the audience decide whether it is or not, then you can take that feedback and accordingly make changes later on.

But initially, the question is whether you like your content and whether that is the best you can do or not.


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