I stopped eating this… (Oct 2020 edition)

I stopped eating this… (Oct 2020 edition)

Changing your life starts with changing your lifestyle first and changing your lifestyle means changing your mindset, your habits, your rituals, everything.

That process is a long one, one with patience and that decision when you take it is game changing.

It also includes what you eat, what you don’t eat, and today I wanted to share that part with you, just to share a glimpse of what such a lifestyle change entails.

Before I proceed with that, I also wanted to highlight a few of my previous blog posts that are focused on this lifestyle change and they shed a light on that topic.

A. A year ago, my life changed!

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C. The decision of changing my Lifestyle

Understanding the impact of each and every food item was necessary for me – how they impact my mind, body and soul. How a particular food item leads to more stress and anxiety, which one leads to more tiredness or drowsiness.

What we eat affects our energy levels, our thoughts, our emotions, our immune system, our gut health, our cells in the body – everything!

Said that, time after time, with one step at a time, I have limited and mostly stopped eating the following items that don’t benefit my mind, body and soul in any way.

– No aerated drinks / No alcohol

– No refined sugar

– Limited to None Processed Food
(no biscuits / no chips / no ketchup / breads once in a while)

– Desserts – rarely and homemade

– No Junk Food (pizza, burgers, fries, those kind of items)

Everything you eat is a choice!

That choice affects your life in more ways than you can imagine!

When you live a life with purpose and the right mindset, it also includes you to eat right as well!


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