Appreciate anytime, anywhere

Appreciate anytime, anywhere

We often take all the good things that happen in our life, for granted.

And for all the negative things, we get upset, we get frustrated, we feel stressed and tend to give those particular moments more weightage than needed.

However, coming back to the good things, it sometimes becomes so obvious to us that we don’t even notice it. When it happens, its a part and parcel of life.

How about taking a moment of our time to appreciate this?

If a particular individual has done something for you, take the time to appreciate that individual – let them know the importance of that deed – you’ll feel good, they’ll feel good.

If you’re doing something good for another person, appreciate the person who you got these good values from – appreciate them in thought – you’ll still feel good.

If you notice something that’s a part of your life, take the time to understand its roots and show appreciation where possible. For eg. when we eat our food, we simply start eating it. Where did the items come from, where did the grains come from? Show your appreciation in thought towards the farmers, the middlemen involved in getting this to you, the one who’s making it for you.

Show your appreciation anytime, anywhere – you’ll feel good, you’ll feel positive and you’ll feel happy.


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