No human being is perfect

No human being is perfect

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know one human being, anyone, who would be perfect?

Perfect in every way!?

We admire people, we look up to them, we compare ourselves with others, we compare someone with someone else, the list is endless.

Admirations, comparisons and inspirations come from the soft spot of perfection, or our illusion of it.

Just because someone is doing good career wise, relationship wise, emotional wise, we feel their life is perfect.

However, is there such a case?

For starters, perfection doesn’t exist. There is only becoming a better version, for whomever it may be. There’s no end goal in any phase of life, just becoming better at it.

That brings me to the second and the most important point, said the above point, no human being is perfect. NONE.

Let’s get that cleared in our minds.

No human being is perfect.

Let’s not have that illusion either.

Because such an illusion constantly keeps one stressed, under pressure and in a mode of constant comparisons.

Every human has flaws, some are good at hiding them, some are good at overpowering their strengths, but everyone has flaws.

Understanding that is the biggest advantage one can have, in living their life, pursuing their goals, and ultimately, living a happy life.


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