Seasonal Changes

Seasonal Changes

Most of us, wherever we live, have experienced multiple seasons in a year, changing from time to time.

Whether its the summers, winters, spring or the monsoons, we know what each season brings with it.

In terms of the atmosphere around us, the types of food that changes according to the season, the clothes we wear – all of this and more are catered according to the season at hand.

Basically, we are now prepared for what’s to come, we adjust with the season and what it brings.

What this also signifies is something really simple, that humans can change, or rather accept change when they have to.

Most of the people, when spoken to or otherwise, state that they cannot accept change or are not capable of change.

This is, of course, in regards to their mindset, their habits, their lifestyle choices etc.

However, now stating to those same people, how do they then adapt the seasonal changes to their lifestyle, how are they now capable of introducing those types of changes around them?

How is it that when it comes to improving their life mentally and emotionally, they hesitate and avoid that topic altogether?

If you’re one of them, then this might be something you ponder upon.


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