Ignorance is Easy

Ignorance is Easy

It’s easy to ignore, it’s easy to say that this isn’t for me, it’s easy to say that this doesn’t suit me.

Those are the easy answers.

What’s difficult is to understand this ignorance.

Understand that you have limited knowledge, you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.

That you’re probably ignoring because you’re in your comfort zone and you don’t have to do much in that place.

Anything else outside of that will require efforts.

So why not just ignore and say this isn’t for me?

If you experiment, you try it out, and then you say it isn’t for me, makes sense.

That says you’re ready to try and evolve and keep on improving.

Those are the difficult steps that give you better outputs.

Easy steps start from ignorance.

Whether you’re ignoring or you’re ready to try, depends on you and your mindset.

In the end, it affects your life and no one else’s.


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