The decision of changing my Lifestyle

The decision of changing my Lifestyle

Back in 2019, after months and years of no exercise and a habit of eating junk food time and again, I realized that I’d become a bit overweight. Not just that, but I felt bloated, exhausted and at times, bored and those were the major factors.

Which led me to start #100daysofsweat back then. But that wasn’t the only thing.
I knew I wanted to get back in shape, but the changes had to be long-term, not just fad diets and shortcuts.

The solution was to change my lifestyle and everything about it. The smart thing to do was to implement changes one step at a time. Introduce new habits and add discipline and consistency to the recipe.

With time, every type of food that doesn’t benefit the body or the mind was either reduced or completely removed from the diet.
With a shift to clean eating, another step taken simultaneously was the workout aspect.

Becoming self aware is a key factor here, because it allows you to understand the body type you really want, the foods that you love to eat and the life you want to live. Then you can make all the changes you want according to that.

Keeping the diet and the workout plan balanced, and introducing yoga and meditation to the picture didn’t just make the body better, but entirely my life too. Of course, there are a lot of minor changes as well, but the major ones are what bring the change.

Ten months in this process and I have achieved the weight I wanted, the lifestyle I wanted to have (with more changes still to be introduced), still in process of working towards the mind and the body.

Changing your lifestyle is a process, not a trend that changes every day. You need to be patient with the changes for the long-term effect.


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