Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Have you heard of this statement before – Every action has an equal and opposite reaction?

Yes, there’s a lot of scientific significance to it and yes, it’s applicable to most scenarios.

But, today we’re applying its meaning to mindset and learning its significance in that region.

Usually, there are tenseful, aggressive situations between two or more people which start with an action and a reaction.

It doesn’t matter who initiates the action here, as long as there is a reaction which is then equal and opposite to it and thus, leading to those aggressive, verbal or physical, tenseful situations.

What do the equal and opposite reactions mean?

Such types of reactions signify that you’ve given in to the situation and you’re not in control anymore.

These reactions are as bad as, if not worse, the initiated action.

On the contrary, irrespective of the action, when you’re able to hold your cool and analyze the situation before reacting means you’ve evolved and now your response will be better than before, you’ll be in control and technically, there would be no rise to a situation of any kind.

This is of course something that needs to be understood by the initiator as well, nonetheless, if the one reacting can learn as well, then why not.


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