Efforts are never wasted!

Efforts are never wasted!

What if you put in your efforts towards something and it doesn’t pan out to your expected outcome?

Are the efforts then wasted?

Should you not have done it in the first place?

Such and more questions do arise in one’s mind when you don’t get your desired outcome.

At such times, quite often, one may feel low and disappointed.

However, should one feel so?

Are the efforts really wasted?

The first thing that you should ask yourself is, did you really go all in with your efforts?

If yes, if you did try your all, and even if it didn’t work out, well…

There are two things to know here –

A. Now you know more than before about the process and the mistakes you made, so your second try will be even better.

B. Every thing you learnt here, the process, the mistakes, the outcome, the emotions – all of it will come to use somewhere else, where you’ll be glad you went through this process the first time.

Any and all efforts are never wasted, it’s just that they may have not come to fruition just then.


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