Focus on the Light

Focus on the Light

It is easier to see the light in daytime, it’s the dark when you must take the efforts to see it.

When you reform your mind to thinking positivity and optimism, you don’t do it when everything is working for you.

The point of having this mindset is to be positive and optimistic
– when things are not working out for you,
– when you face a low point in your life,
– when you don’t know the direction ahead for you.

This is also what Aristotle Onassis tells us when he says, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

At those times is when the focus is usually lost and it is our mind that spirals out of control and makes things worse for us. To not let it happen, you can take the decision to work on yourself and to change/ improve your mindset.


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