Where is your Phone?

Where is your Phone?

You’re probably holding your phone right now, on which you’re reading this blog.

The same device that you use to communicate with your friends and family.

The device that you use to consume content on the various social media platforms.

The device on which you watch your videos and play your games.

So, the probable answer to where your phone is, could be ‘always with you‘.

With such a powerful device that is always with you, why not use it to your advantage?

Why not use this tool to amplify your voice? To spread some positivity? To share what you know?

This device that you’re holding is the key to building your personal brand as well.

Yes, everything you need to build your brand on social media is on this device that you’re holding.

Whether it is the camera to record your video, or to click your pictures, or your microphone to record your voice or as simple as using the keyboard to write something.

Anything and everything can be done on your smartphone.

Which can use to your advantage.

Only if you want to build your brand and have a community and spread your knowledge or any other such goals that you’d have.

It’s all possible when you realize where your phone is.


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