What can you see?

What can you see?

In life, we only take steps towards those things which we can see.

The usual thinking is, if we can see it, that means its real and we have to do something about it.

If you get scratched on your body, you’ll put an ailment on it.

If your car gets scratched, you’ll take it to the car center.

But, what about those things that you can’t see?

What about the damage to the body with foods that aren’t beneficial to it (at all), but just has a feel good factor for the moment and you can’t see the damage it is doing to you, short-term and long-term? Or even with not working out because of which right from the movement to the blood vessels to the hormones, everything gets affected?

What else can’t you see?

Is there something more damaging that we are not able to see through our eyes?

How about the damage to our minds with negative/ polluting/ judgemental thoughts that affect our own mind and take away more from us?

Just because we can’t see the affect of these things through our own eyes, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, right?

Internally, the process is happening, it’s just that only when something substantial happens then we realize the effect of something we did to then realize, “Oh, how I wish I could’ve seen that sooner?”

Let’s start noticing the things you can’t see and then start working on it.


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