Is the Earth in a better place now?

Is the Earth in a better place now?

Is the Earth in a better place now?

The skies have cleared up.

The water is cleaner than before.

The pollution levels have gone down, drastically.

The air quality has improved.

It’s not just me saying this, but the pictures, the data, the numbers, they are a proof of these statements.

The studies show that earth’s ozone layer is finally healing now.

This doesn’t mean that the planet is improved now, but at the same time, it has certainly improved than what it had become or rather, what we had made it become.

Clearly, climate change was and is still a huge issue and this is something that I believe will happen, now that we know how to unite together in times of uncertainty, maybe something similar will happen towards the topic of climate change as well, when our current crisis clears up.

Another positive impact that has recently happened is the animals’ freedom, who are roaming around freely without any fear, who are roaming around the streets.

What does this mean?

Well, there can be all types of opinions, and of course we can’t have the majority of the population on lockdown to reduce the air pollution, the water pollution, the noise pollution, and all the other kinds.

What can we do is this, become aware of the positive changes on the environment, when we humans aren’t actively available to exploit it. And when we’re back to normal, we see to it that somehow, we don’t cause the same amount of damage to the planet as before.

It’s a small step for a single person, a single community, a single nation, but huge if everyone does it.

Post that, then the next step obviously would be to repair the existing damage with steps that would protect our future.

It’s high time that, every single individual on this planet realizes the impact he or she causes to the planet.

P.S. Happy Earth Day!

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