Whatsapp Forwards

Whatsapp Forwards

We have all come across a few WhatsApp forwards that turned out to be fake and in recent times, there’s a surge in such messages.

I want to understand two things here, one, what is the psyche of the person who creates these “fake” messages in the first place, and what joy does one get out of doing so?

There have been audio messages too, making the rounds which the officials then confirmed as false information.

A person who deliberately creates a false message, with the thought that it’ll be spread ahead and be considered as news is certainly not in the right state of mind.

The second thing that I want to understand is the mindset of the people who receive these messages, believing what’s written within a second and not only that, but they also seamlessly forward it ahead too.

If it seems like crucial/ important information, why not check through a official source first,


Google the information you have received.

Both of those methods would help reduce the panic and the anxiety that these messages provide to the receiver and there would be no widespread misinformation too.

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