Talking to Children.

Talking to Children.

Have you noticed how people need to be spoken to, like children – constantly saying the same thing again and again. I can’t seem to recollect how many times, the news channels, health organizations, the national leaders must have repeated, over and over again, to stay inside your homes, to maintain social distancing, to isolate yourself from people.

And just like children, these people kept defying the orders and are the same people who then still roam around, break curfew and are the ones because of whom the isolation days goes on increasing.

It’s a global thing, I’ve been seeing this on Twitter, Facebook everywhere, on media outlets.

What I am thinking about is, why do people behave this way? They know the repercussions and yet choose to do so. Do they have no control?

This is something that affects life, and there’s just one message being delivered through every medium of communication – stay at home.

This is just one instance, because self-isolation is being followed in a lot of countries, and everywhere the one rule is being defied by people.

However, there have been multiple times, over the years too, when people have to be spoken to like children, because they just aren’t able to grasp the severity of the situation.

They just want to do the opposite of what’s being said – it couldn’t be about thrill, because some situations, like the current coronavirus crisis affects life of that person’s and everyone else around them too.

Today’s blog topic is one of those rare ones, where I’m stuck with the question and would definitely like to understand the psychology behind this.

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