An open letter to GaryVee on his birthday || 11/14

An open letter to GaryVee on his birthday || 11/14

• An open letter to Gary Vaynerchuk •

To my mentor,

To my inspiration,

To my role-model,

Wishing you the Happiest Birthday!

A simple thank you isn’t enough for everything that you do! Spreading so much kindness, love and happiness all around – you deserve it all!

Although my journey started much before, you’ve been the catalyst in my life who introduced so many changes, and all for the better.

I’m a better version of myself, I’m a better human being, thanks to you!

All the credit goes to you.

I’m not sure whether you’d read this or whether this would reach you, but then again, as you’ve taught, give without expectations.

Whenever something good happens, I know what you would say, don’t let the cheers affect you because you also allow the boos to affect you then. Do it for the process.

Whenever something bad happens, I, now know to have a better perspective, to be grateful, to have empathy towards the other person. All these lessons and more have only impacted me, thanks to you!

It was a dream to meet you, to hug you, to tell you about the impact that you’ve had on me – and fortunately, I’ve done all of that.

But, the journey isn’t over. The road is long and I’m sure the time will come when I’d meet you in person, one-on-one and also probably get you on my podcast and vice-versa.

Before I end, my purpose has always been to provide value to others around me – through my name or my work. You’ve helped me streamline that process and that mission carries on every day, one day at a time.

Thank you, for everything that you do, thank you! Keep spreading the love, keep doing what you do, NY Jets isn’t far away!

Love you, G!

– your mentee.

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