3 Things I learnt while flying!

3 Things I learnt while flying!

I love flying, and whoever knows me, knows that the window seats are my thing.

No matter what’s the duration, I’ll be at my seat, with no disturbances from others, and get the best sunrise/sunset views from the top (I’ve some good pictures).

For me, flying is the best time to ponder over my thoughts. Look into the atmosphere, open up to yourself and you’ll realize how deep you can think and how effective it is.

One such instance happened the last time I flew, when I was in my thought process and something amazing struck me.

And as I pondered over it, I went deep into that thought and as an outcome,
👉🏻 I’ve come up with three amazing lessons that can be learnt while flying!

A. Problems from the Top

All of us have problems on a daily basis, day-to-day micro issues or macro problems.

We worry about them, all the time.

However, have you noticed, while flying, when you’re at top, looking down from the sky and all you can see is land, lights and ocean.

When you look down from that macro perspective, you tend to relate it with life, how long your life is and how we let tiny, minute issues affect our life, affect our day and probably make us unnecessarily stressful.

B. Materialism from the Top

This seems to be an irony, considering you’re in an airplane. But, hear me out!

We are surrounded with materialistic items around us, either the ones that we have, or the ones we are chasing, or the ones that others have that we now want.

Could be anything, you know what materialistic means, right?

However, when you are x amount of feet up in the air, when none of those things are around you, or can be seen by you, have you ever thought how important are those things in your life?

All you can see from the top is the nature, the sky, the sun, the land and the ocean.

Not even humans.

Just these things. The ones that actually surround us.

Everything else just seems the same from the top.

C. Don’t worry about the things that are not in your control

Have you ever realized that, while flying, your life isn’t in your hands at all? Your pilot is in control of the flight, and thus your life too.

Every time there’s turbulence, everyone starts freaking out, but is it in your control?

You have to trust someone else, in this case, the pilot to get things under control.

In the same way, there are a lot of things in life out of control, where we can’t do anything about it, there’s no point stressing out about it. You can simply trust the process, trust the universe, trust the person who has the control.

//Are you able to relate to any of these pointers?

//Do you have any other thoughts when you’re flying?

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