My process!

My process!

It’s my life! My process! My achievements! My downfalls!

I may not share anything.

Keep it all to myself!

Since I’m doing it for me, right?

It, it is whatever I’ve set out to achieve, my ambition, my goals.


When you do share the entire process from the start,

three things happen.

1. You share your knowledge and insights with everyone. The chapter 3 of your life could help someone who’s on Chapter 1 of theirs, and even though you’re still learning, the joy of sharing with others cannot simply be put into words.

2. The more you talk about it, the more clear you become of what mistakes you’re making, what more can you do, what is it that you exactly want.

3. Said that, it also helps you to learn more. You talk about one thing, the mind wanders and enters into a deeper thought. And, that helps. Always!

What harm can be done when you share your process, your goals, your downfalls with others!?

Only one, you feel let down when you think what others might think when you don’t “make” it.

If you change that thought process and don’t care about the opinions at all, then who’s stopping you?

I urge everyone to be an open book and share their processes, their ambitions, their downfalls with everyone, it only makes you and the others around you better.

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