Instagram is not a Museum

Instagram is not a Museum

Have you ever been to a museum?

Have you noticed how certain selected artifacts are kept on display for the public, how they are so carefully positioned and you’re not allowed to touch any of them.

You enter the museum, you admire the artifacts, and you’re done.

Well, people are treating Instagram the same way.

However, Instagram is not a museum.

Instagram is the current culture in the social media scene, where every brand, influencer, and individuals are spending their time on and trying to grow their base, make their brand known and increase their sales.

However, when it comes to posting content, people are treating Instagram like it’s a museum – carefully selecting every piece of content, curating the perfect picture and the perfect caption and displaying it to the public.

Now the problem occurs, when people aren’t interested in that one piece of content, which thus results in the creator blaming the platform for its poor execution.

The platform isn’t the issue, the process is.

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