You’re being Googled!

You’re being Googled!

Whether you’re
– applying for college
– looking for an internship / applying for a job
– (freelancer) looking for a project
– starting your firm and looking for a team/ investors/ customers
– an influencer
– an industry expert,
in such or any other situation, irrespective of your industry, by your employer or by your customer, by your future employee or your audience, you’re being Googled.

Before any value exchange takes place — in terms of the above situations or more, in this Age of the Individual, people want to know with whom are they interacting!

Whether it’s heading to Google or directly to any of the social media platforms, the fact is that people are searching for you online!

You can either control your search queries or let the search queries control you.

Let me explain!

You have the choice to create your personal brand and be the first one to share your information — your story, your goals, your journey, your values, your interactions with the people.

By taking the first step, at a macro level, you’re the one who is creating your voice and sharing your truth out there rather than someone searching you online, finding random information about you on the internet and then making opinions based on it.

That is what I meant when I said; you can either control your search queries or let the search queries control you.

In our previous article, ‘Why now is the right time to build a Personal Brand’ (you can check it out here —, we have covered the following points which are useful to the current topic of ‘You’re being Googled’ — What is personal branding? Why does it matter? Why now?

When you focus on your brand, i.e. you, even though people are still going to opinionate, what you have changed about that equation is your voice.
Your information is your version of the truth, and now you have allowed everyone else to walk with you on this journey of yours by letting them in your sphere of reality.

How does that work?
Let us take those above examples as situations and apply the concept of personal branding to each one!

A. Applying for college

  • If you’re a student, pursuing graduation or a post-grad degree, looking to apply in colleges, you must know that (at least) the top colleges are going to do a background check on you. (your application and your degree will not be the only things that matter)
  • In such a case, they are going to probably Google you — check the type of content you post on the internet (inc. the social media platforms) and see whether you, as a student, would be a fit for their educational institute or not.
  • If this is the process, wouldn’t you love to be a step ahead and be the one who is active with their content — with who you are, what you do (your habits, your skills, your hobbies), what you would you like to become — on social media and have a head-start when someone searches you online.

P. S. Creating a personal brand on the internet doesn’t mean one creates a different image of themselves for short-term benefits. One, you will not be able to keep up with it for long. Secondly, if you speak your truth, it’s always going to benefit you, sooner or later.

B. Applying for an internship/ job or a freelancer looking for projects

  • Whether you’re applying for an internship or a job, the company/ your employer will most likely do a background check on who they are hiring.
  • Apart from your resume and your interview, your information on the internet is going to establish your skillset, your goals, and how talented you are, for that particular role.
  • Notably, in case of an SMMA (taking an example out of my sector), it matters how do other people appreciate your design/ content or how you run your own social media account. (if you’re planning to manage other brands’ profiles too)
  • In such a scenario, wouldn’t it be more accessible for you, as a candidate, to be ahead of the curve (from your competition) and create a brand around your skillset? (Let the brand approach you, and not vice-versa can also be a mindset if you’re good at what you do)

Side Note: The scenario of applying for a job works the other way round too. The applicant will also probably search for that company on the internet, analyse the content posted on the social media platforms and then evaluate whether he/ she would like to work for such a company or not. Especially, when it comes to start-ups or even mid-sized companies, they’re likely to go a step further and also research on the founder/ CEO and whether they align with their tone/ vision or not.

The above pointers also apply to the situation of a freelancer looking for projects in the market, where a strong brand around their work would likely attract the companies to work with them.

C. Starting a company and looking to hire a team/ attracting investors and employees

  • The company and the founder/ CEO (especially in regards to a start-up), both, need to create a brand around their vision and align their thoughts with it accordingly.
    It is, what’s going to attract people to work with that company or that founder/s.
  • With regards to a B2C company, the personal and the corporate brand both matter when it comes to attracting customers.
  • There are scenarios, where a strong personal brand is likely to attract clients to a B2B company and customers to a B2C company.
  • With this said, this also leads to a probability of attracting investors to your company and result in further talks and even an investment down the line.

D. Whether you’re an influencer or an industry expert

  • In either of these scenarios, you need an audience, in order to grow yourself in that field and let that lead to brand collaborations/ creating your products in the space (for an influencer) or getting book deals or speaking events (even selling tickets to those) or as consultations (for an industry expert), a personal brand is a must.
  • A personal brand, with enough value and a strong vision of your ‘why’, is a must, if you’re looking forward to growing in these spaces.
  • People who align with your thoughts and values, would grow into your audience, help you in building a community around your name and also be your customers in the future.

These are only some of the scenarios, but you get the picture, if you apply the logic to your situation too, whatsoever it may be.

In today’s digital era, everyone is smart not to be botched down with ads of direct sales and want more in return — i.e. more value.

The time has arrived, where you take the step forward towards focusing on yourself, towards creating your personal brand and let that lead to a future of itself.

Let these following steps help you in the process — 
1. Google yourself now and check out the results!

2. If you’re not satisfied with those results, then ensure that you’d now spend some time every day towards working on your personal brand.

3. If you need help in creating one, or how you should proceed with it, then we (Zazz Media, my agency) are an email away.

Reach out to us at, and we can help you out for the future.

4. Once you have taken the leap of creating your brand, search yourself again in 3 months, and then witness the results.

Brand-building is a long process, and the results won’t appear immediately, but taking the leap is essential because it will help you reach your goals and your vision.

If you got value from this, it’d mean a lot if you would share it! That would make my day — thanks!

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