Mindset – an underrated topic?

Mindset – an underrated topic?

Everything is so easy and yet, as humans we tend to make it complicated!

Our dreams can be lived today itself, and even if not, all of them are achievable and yet, we make it hard to reach!

Our choices can be binary and yet we complicate the entire process!

Everything is linked with our Mindset – what we think, why we think and what made us think! I never realized this before (fortunately, I did a while back) as to how the “society” has corrupted our mind!
I’ve been on this journey of understanding and figuring out the ‘why’ and I stepped across this huge, macro topic – the more you learn about it, the more fascinated you become by the reality of it – the truth – you start to understand the process and how, as a society, you were made to think otherwise!

For someone who has been on this journey with me, knows the type of stuff I’ve been sharing and all of it is so intriguing to me, everytime I come across something new!
Ultimately, you start thinking differently, what’s true and how it actually should be!

This topic fascinates me a lot, I’m keen to learn more about it – experience and share it with everyone – so it might benefit someone else too!
Mindset is such an underrated topic, and it’s only because we don’t talk about it enough! Don’t you think so?

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